How To Win Real Money With Pokies

Do you like slot machines? If you are a fan of fruit machines and want to play them anywhere, you go now you can do that on your phone.

If you haven’t figured out how to actually do it, we created this guide that will not only help you to start playing but will also mention some useful tactics and strategies that will get you serious amounts of money in not time.

Where do is Begin?

If you have a phone and a secure internet connection than you have all that you need to enjoy your favorite puggy. The first stem is simple. Just go to your market and look for iPhone pokies.

After the download is complete install it and go to registration link that comes with the installation. Create a profile and you’re ready to go! You can play as much as you want and earn real money by converting coins to dollars or any other currency that you choose.

What pokies should I pick?

When you go to your market, you will find plenty of puggy’s there. You should pick the ones that provide a bonus after you confirm your account. This will take only a couple more minutes of your time, but it will be worthwhile. After you complete your registration and confirm your profile, you will get a certain amount of chips as a reward.


These chips can get you a head start that other players won’t have. You will have more to spend on better pokies. When you start playing, keep an eye on your chip count, and don’t spend it all on one puggy. You need to allocate your coins so that every line on the fruit machine has the same amount of coins invested. You never know which row will get the same three or four fruits, and spending more coins on one decreases the chances for a jackpot. So place equal bets to have equal chances.

Learn when to stop.

We all know that sometimes no matter how good we play and predict which line will get four of a kind we can lose few times in a row. Now losing a couple of times isn’t bad, but if it continues you need to stop and move to the next one. As soon as you notice that you didn’t get a jackpot for a while either switch to another fruit machine or stop playing.This will hopefully get your luck back. To do this, you need two things- discipline and routine. So be smart and play not more than three or four times on a losing slot machine. Switch as much as you can and eventually you’ll get your luck back and running. Remember that these coins have value and every coins costs you dollars. If you can keep playing without losing your bonus coins, then you’re on a good path.
So download your favorite online pokies game, start playing today and earn real money.

Author: Geneva Hyman

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