• Pokies Around The World – Facts And Figures
    Pokies Around The World – Facts And Figures
    A common Australian term, a pokie, is a gambling game popular all over the world but named differently. For instance, a pokie game in the United States is called a slot machine. The residents of the United Kingdom call pokies fruit machines, on the other hand.
  • Should You Visit An Online Gambling Site?
    Should You Visit An Online Gambling Site?
    Many people are still living in the past, and they refuse to acknowledge the fact that the wheels of evolution are unstoppable, and that progress needs to be accepted as soon as possible. One such example is evident in the gambling world, where online gambling is replacing the traditional land-based facilities.
  • How To Win Real Money With Pokies
    How To Win Real Money With Pokies
    Do you like slot machines? If you are a fan of fruit machines and want to play them anywhere, you go now you can do that on your phone.
Pokies Around The World – Facts And Figures

Pokies Around The World – Facts And Figures

A common Australian term, a pokie, is a gambling game popular all over the world but named differently. For instance, a pokie game in the United States is called a slot machine. The residents of the United Kingdom call pokies fruit machines, on the other hand.

Just like different countries have different names for gambling machines, they have different rules and regulations for them.

Electronic gambling machines are subjected to very pronounced debates in Australia, commented upon by politicians, sociologists, psychologists and other social scientists. Australia, as a federal country, has slightly varying legislation concerning pokies, but it is based on a unison outlook of pokies, based on the agreed view of „problem gambling.“

Pokies, including mobile pokies, are the largest source of income compared to other gambling industries like horse and dog racing and other sports betting, for example. Every large city in Australia has a casino. The first state to legalize gambling, but only in registered pubs and clubs, was New South Wales, and now the number of gambling machines or pokies in Australia reaches almost 200.000. The number of pokies in Australia represents close to 20% of the total number of slot machines in the whole world. The obligatory payback rate for Nw South Wales and Victoria-based machines is a minimal 87% and 85% in Queensland. Pokie machines which worked on 100% Bills were forced out of casinos because of government regulation, leaving them only in VIP zone of the Crown Casino. Also, all of the pokie machines in pubs have a 10.000$ maximum payout.

Players in the United Kingdom use a slightly different name – fruit machines – but the concept is the same. UK regulative bodies recognize eight categories of pokie machines. These differ in the sum of money which can be used to play and the maximum amount the machine can give out as a prize. For example, category A machines are illegal because they have no limit on both of this parameter – spending and payout. Category B machines are further categorized into five segments.

The United States keeps a strict regime of gambling, and there are only several states, besides the desert state of Nevada, which allow gambling and gambling machines. For instance, New Jersey allows gambling only in Atlantic City casinos and Missouri, Louisiana and Illinois allow it only on riverboats or anchored barges.Slot machines are also allowed in Delaware, but only at horse races, and Wisconsin allows up to five machines in bars and taverns.

Furthermore, the Native American reservations can also be allowed to set up gambling activities, but only with the permission of the residents and with a portion of revenue staying in the reservation.
Other countries have different policies concerning gambling machines. These vary from complete bans to free gambling.

For example, Norway declared gambling machines illegal in 2007, but Macau, on the other hand, is a gambling country, where all types of gambling are allowed. Japan even criminalizes gambling activity, but there is a specific loophole – the game of pachinko.

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How To Play Online Pokies?

How To Play Online Pokies?

For the poker machines lovers, there is no better invention than the online pokies. The possibility of playing from your home, work or car is something that allows so many people to enjoy the game on their terms. If you are new to all this, and you never heard of this online stuff, but love the pokies and wish to try something new, this one is for you. We will explain just what the online pokies are and how you can start using them and playing for real money in a matter of minutes.

What are the online pokies?

Online pokies are the virtual, digital and online version of your favorite pokies, poker machines, slot machines, etc. They can all be found in online casinos which serve as a kind of platform for all the games.Just like you can find your favorite pokies in the local pubs and casinos, you can find the online ones in the casinos.


How to choose a casino?

Choosing a casino you wish to play in is a personal choice, and you will need to make it on your own. The important thing to know to do it is that there are factors to the matter that will be your deciding points. There are bigger and smaller casinos, offering more or fewer games, working in some countries better than the others. There are also casinos offering more or less different types of games, so this can be a thing that tips you over in one direction or another. Jackpot City could be a good choice since it is attractive and safe, offers a lot of games, but so does Casino Mate, Spin Palace, and many others. It all boils down to you doing a bit research to find your place to play online pokies.

What next?

Once you figure out where you want to play at, you need to connect your credit or debit card to the site so you can transfer the funds.

Some casinos offer special deals where you get your initial investments doubled or matched up to a certain sum, which makes your chances higher when you play for money. If you wish to play for fun and no money, you might skip this step.

The games!

There are dozens and in some better-equipped casinos – hundreds of games available for you to choose. All is to your liking so you can cherry pick the ones you like. The old school pokies with cards and lemons are always there to be found as well as their updated versions like Thunderstruck II or Avalon. You can find those in almost any casino out there. Also, you can find a wide arrangement of different classic casino games that enable you to engage in gambling without ever going to an actual casino.

Another thing worth mention is that there is no software download necessary when playing online pokies, just sign up and do everything online!

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